The JOY candle set consists of two handmade sculpture candles. One candle is shaped like a heart, the other has the shape of a flower. They are approx. 12 cm in height. You can choose between various pastel colors for your set. Enigma of edens candles are all made of 100% recycled wax and wicks. In an elaborate process, broken and deformed candles are melted and the wax is cleaned through filtration. Following, the wax is handpoured into molds of various shapes. Every single candle is unique and one of a kind. They have little imperfections such as bumps or dents, which makes them perfectly imperfect. Please note that most candles are made to order which means that shipping can take up to two weeks. Solely recycled bubble wrap and boxes are used for packaging. ☞ free CO2 neutral EU shipping from 75€

JOY candle set

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